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48.00 CHF/month

By subscribing to Ticinobox for 48 francs per month (delivery costs are included), you will receive a monthly box containing a special selection of 5 – 6 Ticino’s products. The boxes will be different every month while trying to have seasonal products. The Ticinobox can contain food products and also a selection of beverages (wine, beer, spirit or soft drinks). For every order that took place before the 10th of the month you will receive your Ticinobox of the current month.


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Discover Ticino and its flavors with us

We are three brothers from Ticino, tied to the territory, with a deep love for nature and a wild passion for food. The desire to valorise and share with you the flavours of our region has contributed to the creation Ticinobox. We work closely with local producers that allow us to share with you products from all over Ticino: passionate farmers, caring breeders, expert wine makers and brewers, enthusiastic beekeepers and everyone else that offer authentic products.

We hope that we can count on you to be part of our subscribers so that we can share with you all the culinary discoveries of this adventure through all the corners of our beautiful region.


Be surprised by our selection of products from Ticino


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Once a month

For each order made before the 10th of the month you will receive your Ticinobox for the current month.


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I had the opportunity to receive the trial version of Ticinobox. The products were all very good and we are curious to open the next Ticinobox :)) good luck with your nice project.