Who are we?

We are three brothers with the luck of growing up in Neggio, a small village of 350 inhabitant deep in the green hills of Ticino.

We are part of a big family that has always been attached to the territory, tradition and with a deep love for nature. During our childhood we have raised chicks, ducks, salamanders and quails. We even adopted a couple of baby squirrel that fell down from the trees due to a strong thunderstorm. Every summer we used to help our Grandpa to rake the hay for the horses and with our cousins we spent entire afternoons in the orchard in order picking apples from the tree to make juice.

Even today we still have turns to go shutting the wood house of our friendly chickens which every day (except when they strike) give us some delicious eggs.

Thanks to our mother we have a deep passion for food. Her cooking is like magic! We love good food, we enjoy and get crazy for savours and we look for the authenticity in every product. If we can share it with friends and family even better!

Ticinobox was born because it was a long time we wished to create something together. We brought together our thoughts in order to create an authentic project which ourselves firmly believe in. The possibility to valorise our region, the Ticino products and to work closely with passionate producers gave us the perfect stimulus to jump into this adventure.

Nowadays we are all big boy/girls and we are full of energy. Alessandro, thanks to his previous experience in the commercial field, has all the required skills in order to realise an economically sustainable project. Camilla has just got a degree in communication sciences. With her passion she will take care of the blog, the social media and the newsletters that will keep you always updated on our work. Matilde is studying visual arts in Sierre (Valais) and with her creative talent she will take charge of all the videos and images of our website.

Also our little cousin, Martino, is part of the team. Hence he wants to help us with the preparation of the boxes we will send you every month. In return he would like to be paid in Lego!

We hope that we can count on you to be part of our subscribers so that we can share with you all our culinary discoveries. We ask you to give us the time and the possibility to improve our work and we assure you that we will do everything possible to make this trip through the Ticino savouries an unforgettable experience. If you have any question do not hesitate to write us, we are here for you.

Ticinobox - Alessandro, Camilla & Matilde

Il trio di Neggio Matilde, Alessandro & Camilla