The concept of Ticinobox

What is it?

The desire to valorise our territory, our flavours and the Ticino producers led to the creation of Ticinobox. A monthly subscription that allows the discovery of tasty products 100% from Ticino. A surprise box containing all the passion of our artisans; cheese, cured meats of the valleys, rice from the piano of Magadino, encompassing wine growers, brewers and passionate beekeepers.

What are you going to find in the Ticinobox?

Every month, the Neggio’s trio will make you discover new products of our wonderful region. We are committed in finding new delicious products and to share them with you. While working directly with Ticino’s producers we prepare for you unique and special boxes that you can enjoy either alone or in good company.

The Ticinobox will have every month a different composition that will try to include also seasonal products.

How does it work?

By subscribing to Ticinobox, a box containing several delicious surprises is going to be sent to you once per month (we will take care of the delivery costs).

The products will vary each month. We will try to answer to your requests and to satisfy your expectations. We want to work in harmony both with our suppliers and with our customers. We will try to offer the best service, always. At any time, you can cancel your subscription or pause it. In order to do that you need to go under the section “Subscription” of your profile.