• When I receive the Ticinobox of the month?

    Usually the Ticinobox arrives in the last week of the month. Because: the 10th of each month we count the subscribers and we proceed to order all the products. It takes a few days to allow our suppliers to send us the delicious products. Once we have received all we have to make the packages and send them by post. It can take about ten days.

  • How does it work the Swissbilling? Wie funktioniert Swissbilling?

    If you choose to pay with the Swissbilling payment method you will receive the invoice via email with all the payment details. Or, those who prefer the traditional payment methods can print it and pay it at the post office. 

  • What do I have to do if I want to cancel the subscription?

    To cancel the subscription you have to login in your profile ticinobox (with the email and the password you used to subscribe to the service) and go under the section "subscription". Then you will see a button that gives the possibility to cancel the subscription. Click that button. 



    The subscription has to be canceled before the 10th of the month of the month you no longer want to receive the ticinobox (for example: if I do not want to receive the ticinobox from the month of May, I have to unsubscribe between April 11th and May 9th )

  • Help! I can't subscribe!

    When trying to subscribe to Ticinobox with a tablet or smartphone, it may happen that you cannot complete the operation. We recommend trying to use a PC or a computer and if the problem is persisting to write us an email.