Article 1. Generality

Ticinobox is a website of the Boxy Sagl. company, based in Neggio. Its offer is limited to the territories of Switzerland and Liechenstein. These General Terms and Conditions of Sales (abbreviated "GTCS" below) apply to all Ticinobox services.

Article 2. Definition and Acceptance

These GTCS are directed by the Swiss law. With the validation of your order on the site, the Customer declares that has read, understood and accepted without reservation the terms of the present GTCS, which are applicable in their terms on the day of registration on the site.

Article 3. Order

The order for the registration to the Ticinobox subscription is made via the Website www.ticinobox.ch (hereinafter "Order").

Article 4. Subscription

The subscription consists in the shipment of a "food box" that includes both food and drinks. The shipment will occur every month of the calendar. Ticinobox is a monthly subscription, without obligation, which involves a monthly payment. The monthly subscription, without obligation, subscribes the subscriber to the monthly reception of a Ticinobox until when the Customer decides to conclude the contract. By accepting this subscription, the Customer accepts a monthly recall of the amount defined at the time of the initial order. Therefore, as long as the subscription is ongoing, the Customer is going to be automatically deducted from the defined sum each month. 

The Customer can stop his/her monthly subscription at any time, in accordance with Article 5’s terms and conditions.

Article 5. Cancellation of the Registration

At any time, Customers can terminate their monthly subscription to Ticinobox in their "My Account" section.

If the cancellation occurs after the automatic charge, the order is considered completed for the present month.  The subscriber can not request the cancellation of this order due to his/her cancellation request. The request is going to be considered for the following month.

Article 6. Disabling the Customer Account

The Company has the right to suspend the access to the services offered on its Site and/or to interrupt the subscription and account of the Customer (without any right of complaint).

Article 7. Price

The products’ prices are with all the taxes included.

Article 8. Payment

The first shipment will be settled according to the payment method chosen by the Customer. The same payment method will be used for the other shipments too, unless requested by the Customer. In case of payment with credit card, the client's account will be charged monthly, except for the first shipment where the customer's account is charged at the time of subscription. In order to prevent the interception of information by third parties, all payments will be secured by a data encryption procedure.

In accordance with current regulations, Customer bank data is not stored or registered by Ticinobox.

Article 9. Delivery

At the time of the Order, the products are going to be sent by the Post Office  to the delivery address indicated. For each order made before the 10th of the month the Customer will receive the Ticinobox of the current month, by the end of the month. The delivery date is indicative and not guaranteed by Boxy. Boxy cannot be held responsible for delays due to third parties.

9.1 Packages that are not Withdrawn

If the package is returned to the sender, Boxy will make a second delivery when the customer has paid the resend and the treatment of the packet set at 10 CHF. If the same package is not withdrawn again, Boxy will not make a third shipment  and will hold the billed amount.

9.2. Withdrawal Delay or Second Shipment

In case of delays due to third parties or the Customer, Boxy will not be held responsible for the perishability of the products.

9.3. Delay

In case of delay, the Customer needs to contact the Customer Service (info[at]ticinobox[dot]ch) which will communicate the tracking number.

9.4. Anomaly at Delivery

The customer must check the shipments on arrival and reject the package, if it appears to have been opened or if there are obvious signs of deterioration. In case of discrepancies, the Customer must notify the Customer Service within five (5) working days by the delivery of the products. After this deadline no claim will be considered.

9.5. Address Modification

In case of an address modification, the Customer must notify it  by e-mail at info[at]ticinobox[dot]ch immediately, at the latest on the 5th of each month for the current month.

Article 10. Guarantees

Ticinobox cannot be held responsible for damages of any type that may derive from an unappropriated usage of the products. 

Article 11. Return a Ticinobox Product

Due to hygienic and safety food reasons is not possible to return the Ticinobox or a product of it. 

Article 12. Disputes

Only the Swiss Law is applicable. The giuridic center is Lugano. 

Article 13. Intellectual Property

All elements, texts, photos, design and videos on the Website Ticinobox are property of the Boxy Sagl's and are protected from copyright and royalties. Violations are prosecutable with a legal procedure and a damages reimbursement can be demanded. 

Data Protection

By using the website Ticinobox you accept the data policy and the general conditions. 

The Use of your Data and Security Issues

We use your data in order to be able to realise your order and to keep you updated about the news related to Ticinobox. Your data are confidential and we always protect them with encrypted and secured systems.  


Ticinobox uses cookies in order to offer you the best service possible. By using the website you accept the use of cookies. 

Modify Personal Data

With a email you can make the request to receive or modify the data we had from you.

Information about your Account

Only Boxy Sagl can use your information. Your information is confidential and is not going to be shared with third parties.